Brogo River

Brogo River / Dam  – Sapphire Coast, New South Wales

Brogo River is located 15 kms west of Cabargo and is a perennial river that forms part of the Bega River system.


Generally it flows south west and is joined by 8 tributaries, before it reaches the Bega River.

The source is from the Great Dividing Range within the Wadbilliga National Park. Brogo River is impounded by Brogo Dam to form Brogo Reservoir, a reservoir with a capacity of 8,980 megalitres (317×106 cu ft), that is used for environmental flows,  hydropower generation, irrigation, and water supply.

Bird and Bat Watching along the Brogo River

The dry rainforest found along the Brogo River is dominated by low, rock-hugging native fig trees and their tempting fruits. Hence Grey-headed flying-foxes, the largest bat species in Australia, have a deep affinity with the forests around Brogo.

Over 70 species of native birds call the area home also including, the wonga pigeon, lyrebirds, black-faced flycatcher, jacky winter,  scarlet honeyeater, and the boobook owls.

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