Mowarry Point

Mowarry Point – Ben Boyd National Park NSW

Located 3 km north of Saltwater Creek, and 9 ks south of the Boyd Tower is the walk in campsite . Mowarry Point. Located adjacent to a spectualr beach Mowarry Point is an ideal bush / beach campsite.


9kms north of Saltwater Creek Campsite
9k’s south of Boyd Tower and Red Point

Parking – Walk in Camp site only. Very Remote

Number of campsites – 25+

Bookings – No Booking available

Facilities – No Facilities bring your own water.

Nearest Town – Wonbyn 29min drive south. Need to walk to either via Bittangabee Bay or Saltwater Creek


If you love remoteness and seclusion camping at Mowarry Beach is a delight. Tucked amongst the south coast bush, and adjacent to northerly facing Mowarry Beach.

Scenic and mysterious Leatherjacket Bay is only a short walk. Bring your own drinking water; gas/fuel stove preferred

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