Merimbula Bay

Merimbula Bay Fishing – South Coast NSW

Merimbula Bay produces great offshore fishing. Large dusky flathead are often taken. For those familiar with fishing in Port Phillip Bay, the flathead taken at Merimbula Bay will appear prehistoric in comparison.


Where is the Merimbula Bay?
Between Merimbula Point and Haycocks Point

Nearest Boat Ramps
Fishpen Rd (Refer to Map)

Where to Fish at Merimbula Bay?
The best spot off shore on Merimbula Bay is The Sticks. About 800 metres out from the main beach about half way along. Snapper, morwong, kingfish and striped tuna are common in the warmer months.

Out towards the deeper waters (30 to 40 fathoms) off Lennards Island there is great opportunity for kingfish. Long Point, Horseshoe Reef and Haycock Point are common and popular throughout the year.

If you’re fishing deeper reefs, Turingal Reef north of Merimbula, big kingfish also are on the cards.

Things to do around Merimbula

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