Fishing at Narooma

Fishing at Narooma, South Coast NSW

Like all towns on the South Coast of NSW – Narooma is exceptionally well equipped for fishing. With 5 boat ramps and a walkway along Mills Bay, it’s the perfect destination for any avid fishermen.

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Best Fishing Spots at Narooma NSW.

(A) Wagonga Inlet is well sheltered and provides easy access for boats and fish hiring facilities.  It provides plenty of opportunities for anglers, with plenty of areas for shore and estuaries fishing.

The sand area next to the (B) Princess Hwy Bridge is a good spot for flathead and whiting. At the entrance of the inlet is great for bream and tailor.

West of the Bridge, moving towards (C) Narooma Quata Park, is good for bream, flathead and large mullaway in the holes.

(D) Wagonga Head is good for tailor, bream, luderick, with (E) Narooma beach and Bar beach good for flathead and salmon.

The beach alongside Surf Beach Holiday Park is great for salmon, flathead and bream. Moving towards the mouth of (F) Little cCreek is also a great area for bream. Best time of day is when the tide moves in and out either first thing in the morning or late afternoon.

Narooma is the closest access to Montague Island, 6kms east and 22kms north of Bermagui.

The island has an abundance of fish, including yellowfish kingfish, tuna, marlin, wahoo, and snapper. The Aughinish Rocks just south of the island is great for snapper.

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