South East Forests National Park

South East Forests National Park – NSW

The South East Forests National Park is a located in between the Monaro and South Coast regions of New South Wales. The Park is 115,177-hectare’s and is situated 378 kilometres southwest of Sydney. Over 42% of the park is covered by a variety of eucalypt species, and wet sclerophyll (eucalypt) forests.

The South East Forests National Park forms one of the largest contiguous areas of high-quality wilderness in south-eastern Australia that spans from Bombala in New South Wales to the town of Cann River in Victoria.

A large variety of animals are found within the park, including 1000’s of bird species and various threatened species including the smoky mouse, the brush-tailed rock-wallaby and the southern corroboree frog.


(A) Six Mile Creek Campground (Free Camping – 4 sites)
Nestled amongst the deep wet forest. You can camp out in your tent or bring a camper trailer.

(B) Waratah Gully Campground (Free Camping – 4 sites)
Easy access to the Pheasants Peak and Myanba Gorge walking tracks. And close by to the town of Bombala.

(C) Goodenia Rainforest walking track (1.2km walk, 40minshich takes about 40 minutes
Goodenia Rainforest is a unique region of the south coast. The walk will take you take you under the lush gully of ferns. At the bottom of the gully, there is the scenic and lovely stream which offers a perfect rest area.

(D) The Nunnock Swamp/Wilkinsons Trail (15km loop, 8-9hrs)
The Nunnock Swamp/Wilkinsons Trail in the South East Forests National Park contains significant swamp and grasslands that have been relatively undisturbed. The area has been widely used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years. In recent years installation signage along the Nunnock Swamp and Wilkinsons Trail to educate visitors and raise awareness of the Nunnock Swamp precinct’s natural and cultural conservation significance.

(E) Myanba Gorge Walking Track and Lookout
The wheelchair-friendly boardwalk to the first viewing platform enables disabled and mobility impaired visitors to enjoy the views. And for those of you who want to venture further on foot, it’s an easy walk through the gorge. Over hundreds of millions of years, the Myanba Creek has eroded the granodiorite by a process known as cut back which has resulted in a series of cascades. These cascades are so numerous

(F) Pheasants Peak walking track (2kms One Way)
Rather challenging walk through old growth forest with amazing views from the summit. The track winds through tall eucalypts and alongside huge granite boulders.

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