Beares Beach

Beares Beach – South Coast NSW

Of all the beaches near Bermagui, Beares Beach is the surfer’s choice. Just south of Bermagui’s Blue Pool, Beares Beach is accessible from the Scenic Drive just a few minutes’ drive from the main town


Where is Beares Beach? – A few minutes’ drive from Bermagui town centre. Scenic Drive is the main road around Blue Point.

Swimming – Great protection from the north wind, however if there is a southerly blowing there is little or no protection. This makes for a great surfing experience, however may get a little chopping if the wind is too strong. Not great for kids, beware of the rip.


Fishing – Beach fishing from Beares beach is ideal. Salmon and tailor is plentiful. The southern headland rock ledge offers a great launching pad. Be careful when there are large swells. Not far away is Jerimbut Point and Jaggers Beach, which attracts snapper, blackfish and luderick.

Picnic – There is a car park but no amenities.

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