The Dromedary Hotel

The Dromedary Hotel – Local Pub in Central Tilba

Situated in the heart of Central Tilba is the legendary and historic pub, the Dromedary. Established in 1895, the Dromedary is a must for any traveller who loves a beer and yarn at one of the most classic pubs on the Sapphire Coast.


The Dromedary Hotel

Address – Bate St Central Tilba NSW 2546

Phone – (02) 4473 7223

History – After Gold was discovered in 1853 near Gulaga, the surrounding areas around Tilba became inhabited by prospectors. Industries appeared to support the influx of people and businesses, and one of these was the ABC Cheese factory owned by Samuel Bate. Samuel Bate subdivided his privately owned land and sold smaller lots which led to the creation of Central Tilba. To support the local workers at the nearby Dromedary Gold Mines, the two-storey Mt Dromedary Hotel was built. The building was one of the first to be erected in the newly formed town.

In 1969 the widow of Harold Hol, Dame Zara Holt, re-married in the town, with the pub being the main drinking hole for the national media.

Present Day – This heritage-listed hotel is steeped in history and covered with historic pictures throughout the main bar area.

The two-storey building has a tiny bar with a larger dining area and a beer garden out back. The front balcony is delightful and overlooks the main street. Best to avoid conversing at the “bullshit corner”.

Food – The menu is unpretentious pub food: soup, big steaks produced locally, a chicken dish or two, fish and a variety of hamburgers. There are no entrees, a couple of desserts and meals are served with chips and salads or vegetables. The wine list is limited to a small range of Australian wines.

Entertainment –  Great local bands, playing most Sunday arvos.

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