Bermagui – Sapphire Coast NSW

Established in 1870, with a wharf built near the current harbour, Bermagui is a bright light on the southern coast of NSW. Situated just 12 miles offshore from the continental shelf and with a range of offshore reefs and islands, Bermagui has become a mecca for fishing enthusiast from around the world.

Aside from fishing, Bermagui is blessed with a plethora of amazing beaches, numerous walks, a brilliant bike mountain bike trail and of course a quaint beautiful town.
Lovers at Mystery Bay Sapphire Coast

Jumble of sand, and mongrel scrub, and tussock and Beach Hotel, Sort of regular jumble of weatherboard shanties. Bermagui, In a Strange Sunset – Henry Lawson 1910

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Killers of Eden The Mystery of Bermagui – The Mimosa Shipwreck