Wonboyn Lake

Fishing at Wonboyn Lake – South Coast NSW

Wonboyn Lake is renowned for its breathtaking beauty of waterways and wildlife. The Lake is divided into the upper and lower lakes. The upper lake is a basin, relatively deep in places, and a favourite spot for those seeking mulloway, flathead and bream. The lower lake is a system of channels and shallow sandbars, which can be difficult to navigate.


How to get to Wonyoyn Lake?
Located about halfway between Eden and the border with Victoria. From Eden head south-west on Princes Highway towards Melbourne. Drive for approx. 22.7kms.  Turn left onto Wonboyn Rd and drive for a further 10kms.

Boat Ramp – Access to this part of the lake is by a boat ramp on the southern side. (-37.251652, 149.918146). if you stay at Wonboyn Lake Resort to the north, there is a private ramp.

Fishing Experience
Wonboyn Lake runs out onto Disaster Bay. However over the last few years the entrance to the ocean had been narrowing and filling with sand. Currently at the time of writing there is a slight opening, tracking out from the lake onto the ocean can be tricky. The recent weather conditions will always play a part.

At the northern end of the lake Mullaway, flathead, and bream can be caught particularly around the change of tides. The water can be shallow in parts and navigation may be tricvy.

A dominate red rock at the edge of the channel is a good spot for all kinds of fish, including, luderick, flathead, whiting, tailor and bream.

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