Merimbula Main Beach

Merimbula Main Beach – South Coast of NSW

Merimbula Main Beach is a beauty. The beach is wide enough and long (3 kilometres long) enough to absorb the many tourists. And with a main beach like this why wouldn’t they come.


Where is Merimbula Beach? Access to the beach is mostly at the northern end. Entry through Ford Park.

Swimming – The beach is patrolled all year round.  Although it’s a main breach in a popular tourist town it does still create an illusion of swimming within a secluded Australian bush beach. Good surfing conditions up towards the Merimbula Bar Beach.

Fishing – Merimbula Beach is relatively sheltered, and does create amble opportunities to catch flathead, luderick and whiting.  Bait catching around the change of tides is also popular.

Picnic – Merimbula beach is ideal for picnics. Plenty of amenities,

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