Tathra Wharf

Fishing at Tathra Wharf – South Coast NSW

Not only is Tathra Wharf one of the most historically significant structures in all of the Sapphire Coast, it is also one of the most successful onshore fishing spots in all of Australia.


Fishing Experience at the Tathra Wharf

Tathra wharf is one of the most iconic fishing piers in all of Australia. The structure is quite high, so with the correct polarized glasses you can see fish from great distances,

You should be able to catch live bait from around the pylons then cast it out on a floater.

Plenty of fish abound with flathead, snapper, leatherjacket, salmon and red rock being the most popular. Best time of day is actually around and after dusk or first thing in the morning

On the right hand side coming into Tathra there is a sign to the boat ramp.  Follow the road to the headland above the ramp & on the Northern side there are some good rock ledges, however be careful in windy conditions.

Shark Fishing at Tathra

Shark fishing has been banned from the Tathra Wharf back in February 1997. However fishing for sharks on to the Tathra Wharf is still an ongoing problem according to some concerned residents. Fishing for sharks brings them closer to where people swim, and is certainly topical due to the recent death of local swimmer Christine Armstrong. The issue is how to enforce such actions.

History of the Tathra Wharf

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