Bunga Beach South

Bunga Beach South (The Many Bungas) – Sapphire Coast NSW

If you’re wondering the phrase Bunga is aboriginal for “tail”. Maybe this is the tail of Goalen Heads. Bunga Beach South is broken up by a series of rocky outcrops, and great swimming areas.


Where is Bunga Beach South? – Bunga Beach South  is reached via Hergenhams Road, the same route to reach Murrah Beach. There’s a small car park overlooking the beach.

Swimming – There are nice inlets which allow for refreshing swims. Don’t swim alone, alone as the  rips can be quiet severe.  Quality waves appear with a strong south westerly.  Best for experienced surfers only. Do not swim alone!

Fishing – Good gutters along the rocks and excellent surf fishing also. Bream, salmon, Mulloway and flathead are the dominate species. Best time is around dusk.

Picnic – No amenities. Bring an esky with a portable BBQ, the seclusion makes it an ideal place for a romantic getaway.

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