Merimbula Main Beach

Merimbula Main Beach – South Coast NSW

The main beach at Merimbula is a gem, and no wonder it’s so popular with tourist. Clean sand and crystal clear waters make it ideal for swimming, and of course is a great spot for fishing.


Where is the Merimbula Main Beach?
The best spots for fishing at Merimbula beach are up towards the entrance to Merimbula Lake.

Where to Fish?
As you know the beach is long (6kms) so to find the best spot can be a little tricky. It’s best to visit the beach in low tide and look for various gutters and holes. Other then low tide look for areas where the waves do not break. These are indications of holes or gutters, predatory large  fish will be waiting.

Peak times on beaches are controlled by tide and daylight. At dusk or dawn, regardless of tide, there is often some action. A high tide with either of these times is the perfect arrangement for fish to feed.

Dominate Fish Species
Bream, flathead, snapper, whiting, tailor, squid and gummy sharks.

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