Mountain Bike Trails – Tathra

Tathra Mountain Bike Tracks – South Coast NSW

Tathra is known as one of the best regions within Australia for Mountain Bike riding. With over 50 kilometres of tracks  to suit any rider, a visit to the Sapphire Coast is not complete without a ride along one it’s more  numerous trails.


Where is the Tathra Mountain Bike Track? Due to the nature and volume of tracks it’s quite difficult to understand when one starts and one ends. Hence there are a few entrance areas.

Poo Ponds tracks – end of Fauna Grove and Panarama Drive, or via the Treatment Works.

Tathra Forest entrance about 1.5km along Thompsons Rd, 2nd track on right from the Tathra Rd.

Another network of tracks is accessed from behind the Tathra Fire Shed or from the White Rock entry road to Bournda National Park (opposite Kianinny Cabins entry on Tathra Rd), or opposite the Tathra Rd & Thompsons Drive intersection.


Little Dicky Loop – 3.0 kms
Poo Ponds Loop – 1.5kms
Lagoon Trail (Return) – 3.0kms
Cream Box Loop – 2.2kms

Nelba Rise – 2.3kms
Soft Sally – 1.5kms
Hutti Gaddi – 3.3kms
Anchors Away – 1.7kms
Fireline – 1.2kms
TNT – .8kms
Ridge Fire Trail – .9kms

Bridges – 1.7kms
Kingy’s Climb – 2.9km
Nizentite – 4.1kms
Evil Tom – 2.4kms
Lewry loop – 1.0kms

Fire Shed loop – 18kms

Mountain Bike Experience – The length and volume of tracks,and various degrees of difficulty, make mountain biking in and around Tathra a treat. The locals (all mountain bike enthusiasts) have spent a lot of time and money constructing the trails to ensure Tathra attracts its fair share of the mountain bike tourist trade. And it’s a track they should be proud of.

A swim in the nearby Tathra beaches is a perfect way to finish a hard day riding. A great day of adventure and fun.

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