Merimbula – Beaches

With an abundance of beautiful beaches and river systems, Merimbula on the Sapphire Coast has been a fabulous holiday destinations for millions of Australians since the 1950’s. Perfect for families, the beaches are mostly secluded and offer the perfect environment for swimming, kayaking, surfing and fishing.


Main beaches around Merimbula

(A) Bar Beach At the entrance of the Merimbula Lake. Small protected has plenty of amenities. Ideal  for swimming.

(B) Little Beach – Great surf berach. Directly adjacent to Pambula Beach village. Good amenities.

(C) Merimbula Beach – Main beach of Merimbula. Southern end if known as Pambula Beach.

(D) Middle Beach – Secluded beach hard to get to.

(E) Mitches Jetty Beach – Protected by the Merimbula Lake. Small beach, perfect for families.

(F) Pambula Beach – Southern end of Merimbula of beach. Great amenities.

(E) Pambula Bar Beach – Facing the Pambula River. Small beautufl beach with great amenities. Good for families.

(F) Short Point Beach (Tura Beach) – Large beach with a park in the background. Great views.

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