History of the Tathra Wharf

History of the Tathra Wharf – Sapphire Coast

The Tathra Wharf is one of the best fishing piers on the Sapphire Coast, and is a hub of activity for the whole town. It is the only remaining coastal steamer wharf in NSW.


History of the Tathra Wharf

The history of Tathra is entwined with the history of its old an historical wharf. The wharf was built, in 1862 with funds raised by local farmers and the support of Illawarra Steamship Company. Trade increased and a storage shed was built a few years later.

As the prosperity and wealth of region improved, so did the importance of the wharf. In 1883 the Illawarra Company put a screw steamer on the run and the wharf subsequently became one of the main ports along the south coast.

By 1912 the wharf was proving far too small so it was extended and a crane added, cattle yards and races put in plus a watering trough for the cattle and horses.

In 1914 a large crowd saw the first of the district’s soldiers off to war. Over the years when the shipping trade fell off as better roads were built, the Illawarra company suspended trading in 1958.

The subsequent years after 1958, the wharf lost its commercial value. Due to this it fell into disrepair, and demolition was a matter of when not if.

However one aspect of the wharf that didn’t change was its popularity amongst the locals and tourist. It was used mostly for fishing, and also a regular meeting point. The locals viewed the wharf, not just as a significant historical landmark, but a symbol of the town itself.

Due to the generosity and hard work of the locals, in particular, the Tathra Wharf Action Group, the Tathra wharf is around today and hopefully for future generations.

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