Fishing Locations at Tathra

Fishing at Tathra – NSW

The Tathra Wharf is the hub of fishing activity throughout the summer months, and is renowned as one of the best fishing piers in Australia. Other than this, there are numerous fishing spots in and around Tathra which should be thoroughly enjoyed by the avid fishermen.


A) Middle Beach good beach fishing, bream, flathead and salmon are well sort. When Middle lagoon is open it creates good opportunities around the mouth.

B) Gillard’s and Cowdroy’s beach, good for snapper.

C) Further south Boronda Head, is good for rock fish, luderick and snapper.

D) Nelson Lagoon is a remote lagoon, about a 25 minute drive north of Tathra. Good for bream, flathead, and luderick.

E) Wajurda Point and Mogereka Inlet is good for rock fishing, beware in strong winds can be little dangerous.

F) The Bega River, near the mouth is good for flathead, and bream, and creates a good opportunities further up steam.

H) Tathra Beach, is good for surf fishing with flathead, bass, salmon bream and luderick.

I) Tathra Wharf best wharf fishing in Australia.

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