Fishing Locations throughout the Sapphire Coast NSW

The Sapphire Coast is known throughout the world as one of the most significant recreational fishing regions in the southern hemisphere. The area takes in Bermagui to the north and Eden to the south, a distance that encompasses enormous coastal variety and fishing opportunities.

Ben Boyd National Park – Fishing Locations


(A) Haycock Point – Great for rock anglers. Safe on its north side. The point is surrounded by extensive reefs, which make for great offshore fishing. Salmon, tailor, mullaway, bream luderick and snapper are frequent throughout the waters.

(B) Leather Jacket Bay – 300 m deep bay has a steep rocky shore, with a small creek draining across its eastern end. The mouth of the creek is the best spot for fishing. Great for reef fishing. Nice spot to visit to picnic or fish, however can be a bit rocky.

(C) Mowarry Point – Mowarry point is great for king fishing off shore. The beaches along the point offer a wide arrange of launching spots for on Snapper, and mullaway are the dominate species.

(D) Saltwater Creek – pristine beach perfect for surf fishing. Great amenities, next to the camping grounds

(E) Hegartys Bay – Plenty of fishing spots along the bay. Easy access, next to the camping grounds. Beautiful and pristine beaches and bushland

(F) Bittangabee Bay – Great fishing of those rocks in front of old storeroom. Groupers, Flathead, snapper and whiting are plentiful in the area.

Bega River and Fishing Spots around Bega


The following creeks and rivers flow into the Bega River – (A) Brogo River , (B) Tantawangalo Creek, (C) Bemboka River, (D) Sandy Creek and (E) Wolumla Creek. All offer a plethora of fish species including bream, flathead, whiting, mullaway, bass and gummy sharks.

The Bega River now at its brilliant best.

There’s a large variety of fish from the upper sweetwater to the lower estuary due to the amount of food currently available. Prawns are also a dominate species throughout the shallow waters. Best time to catch these are at dusk.

Wallagoot Lake south has plenty of bream flathead whiting and perch.

Around the bridge pylons, underneath the (F) Tathra – Bermagui Rd, the rocky outcrops and fallen timber have lead to more bream and estuary perch.

At the mouth of the river on (G) Wallagoot beach there are plenty of bream, whiting and trevally being taken on bait while passing schools of salmon are entertaining those casting lures.

The inshore reefs have plenty of tasty fish with snapper and morwong top of the list.

North or south, most areas are fishing well, just check the weather forecast to determine which way to head home with the wind at your transom.

Brogo Dam is full of bass on lure, fly or bait. Mornings and evenings are best for lure and fly while trolling and bait fishing will work through the day.

Bermagui – Fishing Spots


Four Mile Reef – straight out from Keatings Headland – Snapper, morwong, tuna and marlin.

Six Mile and Twelve Mile Reef offer great fishing for shark, marling and yellow fish.

Bermagui harbour offers great flathead fishing, with Bermagui Point offering tailor, mullet and luderick.

Upriver river (Bermagui River) there is great bream, whiting and catfish. Be careful, up river it becomes too shallow for fishing.

Beares Beach has great Salmon and Tailor while Jerimut Point is great for luderick and rock black fish.

Wapengo Lake – a massive variety of fish including whiting. Flathead, flounder, luderick, mullet, snapper, tailor, tarwhine, and whiting.

Fishing near the mouth of Cuttagee Lakes is great just before the temporary closure around dawn. The incoming tide will see bream, whiting, and salmon along the entrance. Get in quick before the predators do.

Flathead gather near the entrance of Murrah Lagoon. This is amazing also for bream and whiting. At the end of the rising tide is the best time of day.

Eden – Fishing Locations


Offshore fishing Eden

A) Magic Triangle – Red Point to Southern Part of Two Fold Bay to Mowarry Point. Game Fishing area.. (-37.110232, 149.965997)

B) Two Fold Bay Canyon -37.09400, 149.965997

C) Green Cape Canyon -37,17100, 150.23300

Fish include – Marlin, Bonito, Yellowtail King fish, Hammerhead Sharks, Blue Whalers and Mako. Best time of years are between December and May.

Inshore reef and beach fishing at Eden

D) Mowary Point at the northern end of Ben Boyd National Park. Launch at Quarantine Bay ramp and Morwary point is a 14km run from the ramp. Ideal for marlin, kingfish, snapper and bonito. (-37.160052, 150.015736)

E) Saltwater Creek – reached from Green hope road there is a pristine beach perfect for surf fishing. Great amenities, next to the camping grounds. The rocks to the north are good fro snapper. (-37.166815, 150.002807)

F) Bittangabee Bay – Small pristine beach, aplace to launch small boast off the beach in good weather. The inlet is good for bream and flatheads, however the rocks on the north produce snapper, tailor, and bonito. 300m offshore there is snapper, morwong and leatherjacket. (-37.218309, 150.015736)

G) Pulpit Rock – a small track from Green Hope road takes you there. One of the best areas in Australia for rock fishing platforms. (-37.234720, 150.033760)

H) Green Cape is accessible from the picnic area near the lighthouse. Lure casting enthusiasts do well on bonito at Green Cape, along with less frequent captures of Yellowtail Kingfish, mackerel and Striped Tuna. Both Northern Bluefin Tuna and Southern Bluefin Tuna are also taken occasionally.

i) Wonbyn Lake – Wonboyn Lake is divided into the upper and lower lakes. The upper lake is a basin, relatively deep in places, and a favourite spot for those seeking Mulloway, Flahead and bream. The lower lake is a system of channels and shallow sandbars, which is difficult to navigate. (-37.246869, 149.926214)

J) Wonbyn Beach is good flathead, bream, tailor. However is difficult to get to. (-37.253291 149.965696)

Merimbula Fishing


Great Fishing spots around Merimbula

(A) Back Lagoon – A recreational fishing haven. Merimbula Creek connects it to the Pacific Ocean.

(B) Middle Beach – Difficult to get to, rocky points create good casting platforms.

(C) Short Point – Nice isolated beaches and off shore reefs.

(D) Merimbula Point – further south and overlooking the entrance to Merimbula Lake.

(E) Merimbula Lake – Great for whiting, luderick, flathead and bream.

(F) Merimbula Wharf – Iconic wharf, fantastic family fishing experience.

(G) Merimbula Beach – Great surf fishing, relatively sheltered.

(H) Merimbula Bay and The Sticks – 800m out from a prominent patch of dead trees.

Tathra Fishing NSW


A) Middle Beach good beach fishing, bream, flathead and salmon are well sort. When Middle lagoon is open it creates good opportunities around the mouth.

B) Gillard’s and Cowdroy’s beach, good for snapper.

C) Further south Boronda Head, is good for rock fish, luderick and snapper.

D) Nelson Lagoon is a remote lagoon, about a 25 minute drive north of Tathra. Good for bream, flathead, and luderick.

E) Wajurda Point and Mogereka Inlet is good for rock fishing, beware in strong winds can be little dangerous.

F) The Bega River, near the mouth is good for flathead, and bream, and creates a good opportunities further up steam.

H) Tathra Beach, is good for surf fishing with flathead, bass, salmon bream and luderick.

I) Tathra Wharf best wharf fishing in Australia.