National Parks

National Parks and State Forests on the SapphireCoast

The national and state forests within the Sapphire Coast are home to some of the most iconic views and breathtaking landscapes in Australia. The South Coast’s outstanding national park system offers visitors a wide choice of opportunities to discover spectacular landscapes, from dense forests to quiet, solitary beaches; from cool, silent rainforests to colourful, alpine wilderness wildflowers. The national parks a diversity of unspoiled habitats and ecosystems which offer refuge to unique, and often ancient, plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.


List of National and State Forests wihin the Sapphire Coast / South Coast of NSW

A) Gulaga National Park
B) Biamanga National Park
C) Wadbillgui National Park
D  Bermagui State Forest
E) Mimosa Rocks National Park – 4 Campsites
F) Glenbog State Forest
G) Glenn Allen State Forest
H) Tantawangalo State Forest
I) Tanja State Forest
J) Bournda National Park
K) Biamanga National Park
M) Mt Imlay National Park
N) Ben Boyd National Park2 Campsites
P) South East Forest National Park


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