Fishing around Bemboka

Bemboka Fishing

Inland fishing in and around Bemboka is becoming an attraction, and presents a pleasant alternative to the coastal fishing which highlights the Sapphire Coast of NSW. Located just 40 mins drive from Tathra, Bemboka is a must for those looking for native freshwater fish.


Great Fishing Areas around Bemboka

(A) Brogo River / Dam
An offshoot of the Brogo River is the Brogo dam which supplies water to the towns of Bermagui, Cobargo and Quaama.
The Brogo River and dam offers plenty of activities for the whole family including swimming, kayaking, boating, amazing bushwalking paths (you have to admire native the flora and fauna) and of course the fishing.
It is difficult to access the Brogo River from the banks however if you have a boat or canoe it’s certainly worth a try. There is Bass, and trout within the dams. Best to find an area with a consistent flow.

(B) Bemboka River
Running along the town of Bemboka is the Bemboka River. The river originates in Kybeyan Ranges and flows southeast before reaching its confluence with the Tantawanglo Creek to form the Bega River at Morans Crossing. Trout and Bass are frequent in these waters and it does offer ample opportunities for the avid fly fishermen. Access to the river is difficult in places, the easiest access is Nobby Clark rd, 5 min drive from town.

(C) Brown Mountain Creek
An offshoot of the Bemboka River, Brown Mountain Creek is very good for fly fishing.

(D) Nunnock River
Rising below Bull Mountain in the Great Dividing Range, and flows southeast to northeast, for 8.2Kms before joining the Bemboka River.
From the south, take Tantawangalo Mountain Rd from Mt Darragh Rd, turn left onto New Line Rd and then right onto Packers Swamp Rd. Head north to Cattleman’s Link Trail and follow this to the campsite. The river is great for the brown tout, Australian bass, estuary perch and short-finned els.

(E) Tantawangalo Creek Flora Reserve
From Bega, drive south along the Princes Highway and turn right onto Bega Candelo Road. After about 9km you’ll reach Candelo – cross the bridge, turn left and then turn right into Tantawangalo Mountain Road. Great for trout and fly fishing.

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