Diving at Montague Island

Diving at Montague Island – Sapphire Coast NSW

Montague Island is situated close to the continental shelf, and as such overlaps oceanic zones resulting in a variety of tropical, sub-tropical and cold water species. Ideal for diving!


Diving at Montague Island

One of the attractions of diving at Montague Island, is the chance to swim with the local inhabits, the fur seals. There are two seal colonies at Montague Island. In winter and spring there may be a total of 1500 of the furry creatures playing around the rocks and frolicking in the water. They are not shy creatures and in many cases will come up close and personal.

Manta Rays, Wobbegongs, Bull Rays, turtles, Port Jackson and Grey Nurse sharks as well as schools of tropical fish, octopus, cuttlefish and nautilus, also frequent the area.

The Cathedral , the Pinnacles and the Bubble Cave are great diving areas around the island, as is Anghinish Rock.

Diving Tours – Montague Island 

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