Little Beach (Pambula Beach South)

Little Beach – Pambula NSW

Little Beach at Pambula is a small 300 metre long beach next to Pambula Village. With golden white sands and surrounded by Australian Bush, this little gem is worth its weight in gold.


Where is Little Beach? Entry to the beach is off Coraki Drivethe last right turn off on Pambula Beach road. The carpark is a short walk to the beach

Swimming – The nearby bush completely hides the car park and nearby village. This creates a great swimming experience. Surfing conditions are also pretty good, particularly with a strong soothly wind.

Fishing – Tailor, Whiting, Flathead are the dominate species. To the south of the beach are large granite outcrops, which create a good launching pad to cast from.

Picnic – Little beach is ideal for picnics. Plenty of amenities, including a viewing area. One of the best spots to have a beer or two and enjoy the surroundings. Great for kids and the elderly.

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