Penguins at Montague Island

Penguins at Montague Island – Sapphire Coast NSW

Australia’s most popular bird, well those that attract the tourist anyway, are the cute yet wobbly Penguin. Montague Island is home to 1,000’s of the cuddly creatures.


What kind of Penguins is at Montague Island?
Little Penguins (otherwise known as the Fairy Penguin)  – these are the smallest of species of Penguins and are only found along the coastlines of Australian and New Zealand.

How many Penguins are on Montague Island?
Can vary between 3000 pairs and 8000 pairs, with 6000 being the accepted figure for most researchers.

Do the Penguins face any natural threats?
The islands abundance of raptors, Swamp Harriers and Peregrine Falcons, as well as Sea Eagles, would be quite capable of taking them from the Island during the day should a penguin be foolish enough to expose themselves.

How to view the Penguins?
The best location is down by the Wharf, facing the west. There is a purpose built viewing platform.

When is the best time of Day / Night?
The best indication is when the Lighthouse lights turn on. Clearly, just after dark.

Unlike other Penguin tourist shows (Phillip Island), the viewing is all by yourself, so please ensure that you do follow the local guidelines. 


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