Things to do Camping at Bega NSW

Bega is the dairy heartland of New South Wales and is known for its cheese. It’s larsh surroundings and magnificent country side, offer the perfect getaway. Plenty of activities for the family including fishing, swimming and bushwalks


Things to do around Bega

Fishing Spots around Bega
Mumbulla Falls
Bega Cheese Hertiage Centre
Garteway to Amazing Beaches

Festivals and Events around Bega

Bega River Festivals – The first Bega River Festival will be held in May 2016. It’s a celebration of the completion of the new pathways built from the Bega Bridge and Tarraganada Bridge. A wide range of activities organised for the big day and everyone is invited to celebrate the beauty of the mighty Bega River.

Seniors Festival 2016 – A 10 day event held from the 1st of April to the 10th of April.
The senior’s festival showcases everything that’s great about life on the Sapphire Coast. Activities include the Killer Whale Trail, various films and documentaries, walks and hiking and various sporting activities. The highlight of the event is the Golden Gig luncheon, a free event where you can enjoy lunch and local entertainment.

Cabargo Folk Festival – Last weekend of February – Stepped in the 70’s Cabargo is a hippie like town about 1 hour north of Bega. This festival of music, dance, song, comedy, poetry, fun and fine food and drink attracts thousands of visitors to one of the most beautiful regions of Australia, the lush Bega Valley.

Campsites around Bega – Boat Ramps on the Sapphire Coast The Mystery of Bemagui