Barmouth Beach

Barmouth Beach – Ben Boyd National Park -Sapphire Coast

In 1797 George Bass sought refuge from a strong gale and landed at Barmouth beach. He would have been amazed at the beauty of the surrounds, which is located close at the month of the Pambula river. Today it is an ideal place for swimming, fishing and the perfect picnic area.


Where is  Barmouth Beach?
Follow Princes Highway south of Pambula,  Turn left at Haycock Point Road,Turn left at the Barmouth Beach access road; you’ll see a sign. A short path with steps takes you from the carpark down to the beach.

Swimming Experience
Small waves and does look ideal for swimming. There are a large number of sandbars which are always fun.

Fishing at Severs Beach
Perfect spot, move towards the mouth of the river and you will find plenty of bream, whiting and flathead. Surf fishing is also popular.

A large carpark is located at the end of Haycock Point Road. Right next to the beach. Perfect for picnics and frolicking around.

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