Leather Jacket Bay

Leather Jacket Bay – Ben Boyd National Park – South Coast NSW

Large granite boulders decorate this remote yet beautiful part of Southern NSW.

For thousands of years killer whales, lay in wait throughout Two Fold Bay to ambush migrating Baleen whales and herd them into nearby Two Fold Bay. The goal was to assist local whale hunters and obtain a proportion of the kill.  These killers of Eden have become legendary.

Today the killers have now gone, yet the bay is still holds many ancient aboriginal artefacts and is worth a visit for any tourist.


How to get to Leather Jacket Bay?
From the Princess Highway, take Edrom Road, for about 12 km’s, until you see the Saltwater Creek turnoff. Another km further down you will see a track that takes you to Leather Jacket Bay. An unsealed road, 2.5kms, will take you to a car park next to the beach.

Swimming Experience
Rocky beach, not a great swimming experience. The surrounds are however amazing. Granite boulders, peddle beaches, turfs of grass and rugged Australian bush make the beach at Leather jacket Bay strikingly unique.

Fishing at Leather Jacket Bay
Onshore fishing at Leather Jacket Bay, is best around the mouth of the Saltwater creek and further south towards the Woodburn Creek. Change of tides is the best time, with bream, flathead, tailor, whiting and of course the occasional leather jacket.

There is numerous reefs throughout Leather Jacket Bay, which make it ideal for offshore fishing.

Next to carpark, however no amnendities

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