Fishing – Bega River

Fishing on and around the Bega River in NSW

The Bega River on the South Coast of NSW offers a wide variety of fishing opportunites for avid and novice fishermen. The river starts below Morans Crossing at an elevation of 113m and flows into Kianinny Bay in the Tasman Sea of the South Pacific. The Bega River drops around 116m over its 48.6km length.


Best Fishing Spots along the Bega River, NSW.

The following creeks and rivers flow into the Bega River – (A) Brogo River, (B) Tantawangalo Creek, (C) Bemboka River, (D) Sandy Creek and (E) Wolumla Creek. All offer a plethora of fish species including bream, flathead, whiting, mulloway, bass and gummy sharks.

The Bega River now at its brilliant best.

There’s a large variety of fish from the upper Sweetwater to the lower estuary due to the amount of food currently available. Prawns are also a dominant species throughout the shallow waters. Best time to catch these are at dusk.

Wallagoot Lake south has plenty of bream flathead whiting and perch.

Around the bridge pylons, underneath the (F) Tathra – Bermagui Rd, the rocky outcrops and fallen timber have to lead to more bream and estuary perch.

At the mouth of the river on (G) Wallagoot beach, there are plenty of bream, whiting and trevally being taken on bait while passing schools of salmon are entertaining those casting lures.

The inshore reefs have plenty of tasty fish with snapper and morwong top of the list.

North or south, most areas are fishing well, just check the weather forecast to determine which way to head home with the wind at your transom.

Brogo Dam is full of bass on lure, fly or bait. Mornings and evenings are best for lure and fly while trolling and bait fishing will work through the day.

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