Walking Track – Pambula River

Pambula River Walk – South Coast NSW, Australia

An easy 1km walk along the Pambula River is a relaxing stroll through one of the most tranquil and scenic regions of the Sapphire Coast. The walk winds through coastal woodland to a lookout with scenic views across Severs Beach and Pambula River.


Pambula Walking Track

Location – Drive to Pambula Beach, there is a car park at the river mouth. Once there, walk along the beach past the boat sheds, from there you will see directions.

Distance – 1km

Grade – Easy

Attractions – The easy nature of the walk means that anyone of any age and fitness can attempt and complete it. The Pambula River is one of the most scenically appealing rivers on the Sapphire Coast. It’s a heavy nest of bird life, reptiles, and local marsupials.

The Pambula River is a 15 kilometre river running from Lochiel in the southern highlands, flowing through Pambula Lake, and exiting into the Tasman Sea at Pambula beach. It reaches a depth of 2.2metes and has an elevation peak of 83 metres.

Bird Watching along the walk – The Sapphire Coast is a must for any avid bird watcher. The Pambula River is home to a huge variety of birds, including Australia’s largest raptors – the mighty Wedge-tailed Eagle and the White-bellied Sea Eagle. The colourful and specular Azure Kingfisher is a frequent visitor. There are literally 100’s of species of seabirds that call the river home, the Pelican along with Gulls, Sandpipers, Oyster Catchers and Plovers are frequently seen on beaches and the tidal estuaries.

Keep and eye out for these reptiles – Australia has more reptile species than any other country in the world. And the Sapphire Coast must have more reptiles then any place in Australia. On the Pambula walk keep an eye out, but do not touch, the following snakes, Common Death Adder, Highland Copperhead, Red Bellied Black Snake and the Eastern Tiger snake. Lizards – Lace Monitor (second largest lizard in Australia), Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard, and the Eastern Water Skink are dominate throughout the area.

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